SCSIT launches official website

With the theme, “CELEBRATE THE FUTURE HAND IN HAND”, SCSIT formally launches its official website on November 23rd at the main campus quadrangle with superb technological fun fare, magnificent multi-media presentation, and exciting digital raffle bonanza and give-away.

The entire program was unique in character and appearance. All components were presented through colorful and animated audio-visual show. The national anthem was played with rich historical images of the country projected on the giant screen, while three students dressed as Spanish-era revolutionaries held the Philippine flag on high. The doxology moved everyone with a heart-touching song “Above All” along with tear-dropping images of Jesus’ crucifixion. The introductory part ended with everyone singing along the SCSIT hymn.

Highlighting the show was the dramatic appearance of four-year-old Zaki F. Zalazar, who playfully dragged his grandfather, Dr. Doroteo M. Salazar, to a nearby desk with laptop to perform the ceremonial maiden surfing to the official SCSIT website. And, with great applause the website, WWW. SCSIT.EDU.PH, went online and was officially launched.

Forums and message boards, online grade inquiry, online enrollment, alumni registration and tracking, content management for two SCSIT campuses, the display of mission and vision, academic courses and programs, campus events, and SCSIT map locator using embedded Google map – - all these and more are the features of the new SCSIT official website.

Dr. Doroteo M. Salazar, SCSIT President, told The Sky Blazers that the launching of the website is part of SCSIT’s development program linking education to industry and industry to education. In addition, the website will now provide “the most convenient and fastest means of communication to disseminate campus-wide events, activities, and programs”, he added.

The Supreme Student Government and the College of Computer Studies sponsored the event. While the Information Technology Services Group of the SCSIT under the leadership of Prof. Effie Hubahib, Team Leader, constructed the website.