The Salazar Colleges and Institute of Technology aims to produce globally competitive graduates who bring the school’s name to international fame through persistent and dedicated tasking and training by well-educated professors who are outstanding in their specialized fields of study.

Our Purpose

  • To develop in the students the love for learning with the ability to write correctly, articulate ideas clearly, and express opinions bravely, as well as think deftly and imaginatively.
  • To grow with a deep sense of service and loyalty to the country—the Philippines—and to promote peace and harmony.
  • To form skills that make students globally competitive.

College of Business and Hospitality Management

  • BS in Business Administration—Major in Marketing
  • BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management

College of Computer Studies

  • BS in Information Technology

College of Criminology

  • BS in Criminology

College of Education

  • BS in Elementary Education
  • BS in Secondary Education

College of Engineering

  • BS in Civil Engineering
  • BS in Computer Engineering
  • BS in Electrical Engineering
  • BS in Electronics Communication Engineering

College of Maritime

  • BS in Marine Transportation
  • BS in Marine Engineering
  • Associate in Marine Engineering
  • Basic Seaman Course

College of Nursing

  • BS in Nursing