Frequently Asked Questions

To answer some of your questions as quickly as possible, we’ve compiled a list of those most frequently asked by SCSIT parents. We aim to keep you well-informed and prepared to support your child through a successful educational journey.

How much is the down payment to enroll?

The cost to enroll in one of our schools is P500.

How much will I pay for one semester of a nursing program?

The actual cost depends on the campus and cost of living. For example, Cebu City nursing students pay P25,000 pesos ($500-US). The cost is lower for Madridejos students.

What are the terms of payments?

Students make a down payment of P500; the balance is divided into four ($125) payments, due after each test (midterms and finals).

What is the testing schedule like?

Students take four exams per semester—two midterm exams and two final exams.

How do I apply for school records, and how long does it take to receive them?

Please go to the registration office to fill out the form to apply for/request your records immediately following graduation. Records are normally available approximately six weeks after graduation. See the Payments page to learn more.