Senior High School

We believe that academics are the foundation of the high school experience and should come first. In addition to traditional core subjects, we offer a variety of career and technical education options.

But that’s not all. SCSIT Senior High School students also enjoy clubs, sports, and camaraderie with each other and their dedicated teachers. At SCSIT, we’re not just a school; we’re like family.

Core Subjects

  • Academic
    • ABM
    • HUMSS
    • STEM
    • General Academic
    • Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime
  • Technical-Vocational-Livelihood
    • Agri-Fishery
    • Home Economics
    • ICT
    • Industrial Arts
    • TVL Maritime
  • Sports
  • Arts and Design


We grade our students based on their performance. The following are the specific measures of student performance:

  • Tests or quizzes
  • Periodical examinations—prelims, midterms, semifinal, and final examinations
  • Projects and processes
  • Class participation